RNB - Lithium-ion powerpack (Equinox)

€ 69,00


Voor degenen die liever wat extra stroom bij zich hebben is hier de Lithium Ion Powerpack voor de Minelab Equinox metaaldetector.


Ook te gebruiken voor diverse andere metaaldetectors.

Pwr-Nox Power Pack for Minelab Equinox Detectors (And Others)

Double the battery life and detecting time of your Minelab Equinox with the Pwr-Nox Power Pack. This lightweight, compact unit fits neatly to the upper stem via the arm cup screw and its front clip. Connect to the Equinox control box using the standard Equinox USB magnetic charge cable.

The fully charged power pack has the same capacity as the standard Equinox rechargeable battery, effectively doubling your time detecting without needing to charge, ideal for camping, rallies and weekends away in remote locations.

When the unit is plugged in, the Equinox will take power from it before using its own batteries, saving them from discharge. This could help extend the lifetime of the detector's battery pack.

The unit can be recharged with the included USB to Micro-USB charge lead, taking power from a mains adaptor, vehicle output or almost any USB enabled power source.


The power output of the unit is standard USB, meaning it could be used to power any device or detector which charges from USB, such as your phone or camera. The stem clip is made for a stem of approximately 22mm diameter, so should fit any machine with a similar size stem and most after-market carbon stems.





18.5 Wh

DC 5 Volt

DC 5 Volt 2 Ampère