RNB - Lithium-ion accu (Vanquish)

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Nooit meer batterijen vervangen, maar gewoon het accupack even opladen.


Dit fraaie product vervangt de batterijen en de batterijdeksel van uw Minelab Vanquish metaaldetector, en hoeft ook niet meer verwijderd te worden want de aansluiting om dit lithium-ion accupack te laden bevindt zich aan de buitenzijde van het pack.

Detect for Longer With The RNB Powerpack for Minelab Vanquish

From RNB Innovations in the USA, comes a new rechargeable, high capacity power-pack, designed specifically for the Minelab Vanquish Series metal detectors. The compact unit fits neatly into the battery compartment, replacing standard the 4 x AA batteries and battery cover, compatible with all Vanquish models.

With its Lithium Ion technology, the pack has given over 30 hours detecting on a single charge. This means that weekend rallies, or remote camping trips are no problem for the Vanquish user, with enough battery life to last for days of detecting.

The power pack can easily be recharged, without removing from the detector, via a standard Mini USB lead, from any USB power source, such as a phone/camera mains charger, in-car USB adaptor or external power bank. Simply plug the lead into the USB port, under the rubber seal on the front of the unit. The red LED indicates charge in progress. The green LED indicates a full charge on completion.


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6 Volt

6000 mAh

Mini (C type) USB


Vanquish 340, 440, 540 en 540 PRO-PACK

158 gram

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